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bulk email box hosting and outsourcing

We offer hosted email solutions for large quantities of mail boxes on our state of the art email server clusters.

These packages include our advanced web mail client and WAP access all at extremely competitive prices. We have the perfect solution for outsourcing that old, very expensive, Groupwise or Exchange Server and can save you as much as 90% in costs as well as providing superior reliability and service !

Custom branding of the webmail clients is available.

state of the ard email servers

These servers are available to all hosting clients. Email accounts can be managed by the web console in our Help Desk. A Web Based Email Client, truly the most advanced available, is available to all hosting customers.

Our Web Based Email Clients support : Multiple Personalities, Multiple Simultaneous POP Accounts, Spell Checking, Calendars, Task List, Filters, Address Book Import / Export, and more!

IPv6 ready now, your future needs today!

we protect your email resources

Fact - Over 85% of viruses enter networks via e-mail ! We offer virus scanning for 100% of the email into and out of your domain. This service also includes a spam reduction system with a web based interface that allows user self management, and will remove at least 98% of the spam ! This is an optional service. See our packages page or contact support for details.
Worry less, sleep better !

See the latest alerts and get free on-line virus scanning for your PC ! This works with FireFox, Mozilla and IE !