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EAS Enterprises provides reliable web hosting that is affordable for any business.

With 100% IP Based hosting packages, there is a package for the small business as well as the large company.

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Mail Servers:

  • Our Web Based Email Client supports : Multiple Personalities, Multiple Simultaneous POP Accounts, Spell Checking, Fully Sharable Calendar via iCal, Filters, TMDA, and more!

  • We offer virus scanning for 100% of the email into and out of your domain. Fact - Over 85% of viruses enter networks via e-mail.  This is an optional service. Our Anti-Virus system also includes an impressive suite of Anti-Spam engines that can reduce the amount of spam you receive by 95% or more. Only applies to managed hosting. See our packages page or contact support for details.

  • Having trouble receiving your email ? Make sure your "account name" is your fully qualified email address ! ie: ... Passwords *are not* case sensitive.

  • POP3 disconnects ? Norton Anti-Virus 2003, 2002, 2001 and newer. Almost everyone who has installed it is having trouble with "server has unexpectedly disconnected" error message. This also seems to happen if it's configured to proxy SMTP.

    Disabling email scanning in Norton solves the problem, it's an issue with the POP3 proxy service built into the application. This is documented extensively at the Symantic web site

  • Having trouble sending your email ? Several ISP's firewall SMTP so you must use their email servers to send email. If they have blocked port 25 [ SMTP ] try port 7587 as an alternative. In Outlook Express this is on the properties | advanced tab. If however, you can connect with our mail servers you *must* use authenticated SMTP in order for our servers to relay mail for you. In OutLook / Express this is accomplished by checking the "My Server Requires Authentication" check-box on the Account | Properties | Servers, TAB. ...

  • ALL of our email accounts are fully web enabled. If all else fails, you can always retrieve your email from anywhere in the world that you can obtain browser access to the internet. Simply navigate to our support page and select the "WebMail" link. Log on with your fully qualified email address and password and manage your email. Great when traveling ! Our email servers are also WAP enabled on managed accounts which will allow access via a cell phone or PDA.

  • Cut down the spam ! We have servers dedicated to analyze all email processed through our anti-virus system for spam. We will reduce the amount of spam received to your mail boxes by 95% or more ! This service is included with our Anti-Virus system. Truly "World-Class" email service. The Anti-Virus system is an optional service. We provide a web based interface into this system that allows you to manage all email processed through our servers, rescue false positives, report detected spam, help teach the system, and set up custom black and white lists among other things. The interface is very powerful and user friendly.

  • Not Configured to Relay for ..... !    You MUST use authenticated SMTP to send email through our servers, see the simple step by step instructions below.

  • Want to use SSL / TLS ?  ,  Your old welcome message will tell you to use mail.your_domain.tld for both inbound [ POP3 ] and outbound [ SMTP ] servers. But if you use encrypted connections you will receive SSL errors. If you want to use SSL / TLS then use for both inbound and outbound servers. Our smart load balancers will handle all the routing for you.

    The standard ports are SSL/SMTP 465 and SSL/POP3 995

  • Step by step configuring your O/E email client for PC or MAC

    Please note that our company policy forbids us from providing tech support for customer and / or commercial applications beyond what's listed below, and the settings provided in the welcome email when your account was created. If you can't get your software properly configured then please contact the developer / manufacturer of that application. We are always happy to confirm that our configurations and services are operating properly. We can help with trouble shooting by providing copies of log files, etc.


    MAC [ depreciated -- see iStuff below ]

    Many thanks to Nick for the MAC menu images !


    Thunderbird   Get Thunderbird

    Android Devices

    • View this video to see the basic setup of an SMTP/POP3 account with most late model Android. The good stuff starts around the 2 minutes mark

    • You will most likely end up using manual config after entering your account name and password... Remember that your account name or user name is *always* your complete email address

    • Set your incoming server to the values provided in the welcome message, port 110, and supply the user name which is the full email address and password. The device will then test the incoming connection. It should take a few seconds to pass.

    • Set your outgoing server to the values provided in the welcome message, port 25, verify the username and password, and insure "Requires Sign-in" is enabled.

    • -No- SSL or TLS - leave security settings off -- contact support if you need this.

    • The device will then test the outgoing connection and if you put all the proper info in and enabled Requires Sign-in, it will succeed .. you're now ready to enjoy the device.


    • View this video to see the basic setup of an SMTP/POP3 account with most iStuff

    • You must use authenticated SMTP to send email so make sure you fill in the SMTP username and password.

    • -No- SSL or TLS

  • We use SPF on our servers and provide SPF records for all of our customers domains.

  • What does this mean for me? Well first off, if someone tries to forge your email address and send email to a receiving server that has SPF implemented, that mail will be rejected. This addresses the spoofing techniques used by spammers and virus writers. As SPF becomes more widely adopted, it will reduce the amount of spam and virus that are able to propagate. You control your own destiny via DNS to tell recipient email servers where valid email for your domain comes from.

  • Is there a down side? Possibly. If we host your email account, and you use a "From" email address of your email account here, and then try to send email via some other providers email servers, it will probably be rejected by any MTA's that have SPF implemented. The solution is quite simple, send your email through our servers, we provide SMTP ports outside what would normally be fire-walled by other providers, or use the proper "From" address for the email servers / accounts you are currently using. Our alternate ports are listed elsewhere in this FAQ

  • I sent email to someone at AOL and * it didn't arrive, * it was bounced with some weird message about my ISP and open relays, * bounced with some other stupid message. This is typical for AOL. They are totally clueless about how to manage email. This is nothing new, however, the problem is continually growing worse. All ISP's have this problem with AOL email. Our recommendation is that people that seriously need reliable email get a reliable ISP, AOL certainly is not an ISP and is not reliable. Note also that we do comply with all their idiotic "postmaster" requirements. Their statements regarding open relays, open proxies, and DSL or dial-up IP's in their bounce response are not only ridiculous but incorrect as well.

  • I had my box forwarded to an AOL account, now it's not working If you forward email from our servers to an AOL account and decide to use the "this is spam" functionality at aol, those reports are aimed at our servers, we look like an open relay and end up being throttled or blacklisted. We no longer support forwarding from our boxes to AOL, ATT.NET, and Yahoo accounts. This in no way effects normal sending of email, only automatic forwarding of messages. On other domains, primarily "freemail accounts" the forwarded email may come as an attachment stating where the email was forwarded from. We will implement this feature for any customer domain on request.

  • I can't send or receive certain attachments ! Due to the increasing worm and virus attacks we have implemented the following steps to cut down the over all effect. File extensions like .pif, .scr, .bat, .exe, .com, .cmd, and some others will be rejected by our email servers. This simply protects everyone. If you have attachments that would otherwise be rejected because of this, simply zip them up and attach the zip file. Other archive formats like .arc, .gz, etc will also be permitted. Note: some worms actually deliver the payload as a ZIP file. Be warned that just because it's zipped doesn't make it safe. Our anti-virus scanner optional service will scan inside zips. All inbound password protected zips will be dropped by the anti-virus system.

  • I can't send large attachments ! What is large ? Many ISP's and email providers like Mindspring, Earthlink, msn, hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc all have relatively small maximum email size limits. These range from 1mb to 4mb. While we provide significantly larger limits it's not good to send large files via email, it's simply not reliable as each server along the way will probably have different size limits set. There's no guarantee it will be delivered even if we accept it for delivery. Email is a text based medium, sending binary data like zip, word, images, videos, or pdf files requires them to be converted to a character format like base 64 or uuencode. This conversion can increase the actual size of an email by 33% to 100%. Mail servers will see the converted, text format size of an email. Many people use a PDA or other small cellular connected device as their main mail reader. Be aware that many of these devices have an upper limit of about 40k -- thats right! 40K total mail size and the providers will refuse any larger email sent there.

  • I added members to my Lyris list and some were automatically unsubscribed ! We will automatically remove and blacklist any member that has reported any mailing from our list servers as spam. This is due to a number of white-listing agreements we have with other providers. Please insure your members have your lists white-listed and use the normal unsubscribe channels available. Any member that reports a mailing as spam will be removed from all lists on our servers and permanently banned. As a list owner you can contact Support and we will reinstate the member. We will not reinstate a member more than once.

  • For a detailed discussion of SMTP issues and cures click here and a pop-up will display the document. We will be adding to this over time as new technologies emerge or RFC's are approved.

Maintenance Windows:

  • We will perform weekly automated maintenance between 04:00am and 10:00 am Eastern every Saturday and Sunday morning. This maintenance will have very limited effects on accessability, outages are rare and if any at all, will be only a few minutes.

  • We will perform major maintenance between 04:00 and 10:00 Saturday and or Sunday mornings, when required. Notice will be posted on the Support Page when outages will be for more than a few minutes.

Web Servers:

Get Firefox!

  • DNS points only to the root of your site, you must have a page that is displayed by "default". Our *nix/Apache hosing supports default.htm and default.html as default indexes as well and they are searched after index.html, index.htm and index.php. This can be altered via the .htaccess file

  • My Includes don't work : On LAMP / Apache the extension must be .shtml. You can use a .htaccess file on an Apache site to over-ride / enhance this functionality.

  • Open Source software Open Source Software and Your Website

    We support the efforts of open source software, and many of its authors. We have contributed to many projects both financially and with direct coding efforts. We heartily recommend using open source software on your website! It's a very good thing for you and the world.

    With all of this goodness comes some caution. Open source software is widely used, and in a few cases, the projects have contributors that don't pay sufficient attention to security. In addition there's an old axiom that says by the time software is bug free, it's obsolete.    [ more ... ]   on our policies and suggestions.

  • We back up every web site and all databases daily. Please let us know if you need something restored. "Best Practices" dictate that you develop OFF-LINE and publish to the production site. This provides you with a backup copy maintained by you, and instantly available. We are here just in case. We can not emphasize strongly enough We only back up databases and web sites once per day. If you store volatile, mission critical data on your site or in your database, best practices dictate that you have some form of local backup or documentation method(s). We do our best to insure against data loss, but we can not guarantee it. We will always recover to the latest backup. Please contact support if you require information regarding our backup schedules.

  • We Are a Comodo Partner and can help you acquire SSL certificates for your web site at reduced cost.   ALL of our web sites are SSL capable.

  • All of our sites are IP based. In the case where you need some host header redirection, there is a simple script solution. Click Here for a pop up with some simple code snippets that handle host header redirection.

  • How to send email from IIS website with plain ASP You can use the built in CDO which is part of ASP
    Click -Here- for a pop up with code Examples. And yes, there are still some plain ASP sites still around !

Alternate Billing Methods and Credit Cards:

  • We will gladly arrange for payment via credit card. We have 2 choices currently available. We can bill you via email and payment may be made via check or credit card or we can do conventional automatic credit card payments for your account using Visa / MasterCard .

  • Our standard form of invoicing / payment is via credit card, we will gladly arrange for email [* no AOL delivery addresses ] invoicing. These services are at no additional charge.*** Contact Support to make arrangements for alternate invoicing. *** Some restrictions apply regarding paper invoicing.

  • Please always make sure,  to include your domain name and invoice number with any payment or correspondence so we can properly identify and credit your account.

  • Our Billing Policies are HERE .

  • Our Information Security Policies are HERE .

ALL EAS*Ent.Net users are required to adhere to the terms of the AUP ...

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