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EAS Enterprises provides reliable web hosting that is affordable for any business.

With 100% IP Based hosting packages, there is a package for the small business as well as the large company.

We provide FREE! Domain
Registration with all new
managed hosting accounts!

windows and apache servers
sql server
bulk email box hosting
state of the art email servers
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Hosting Packages

Fully Managed Plans  (Custom managed plans available)
Disk Space Beginning at 300mb
Static IP Included All Plans
Email Accounts Included All Plans
  -Web Based Management Included All Plans
  -Web Based Email Client Included All Plans
  -SMTP / POP3 Access Included All Plans
  -Per Mailbox Storage Beginning at 50mb
Transfer Gig / Month Beginning at 20gb
SSL Support Included All Plans
  -SSL Certificate Included* Included Most Plans, See Note Below
  -Free Domain Registration Included* Included All Plans, See Note Below
DNS Services Included All Plans, Fully Managed or Customer Managed
Daily Backup Included All Plans
Graphical Web Traffic Analysis Included All Plans
  -Via Email Included All Plans
  -Interactive Included Most Plans, Optional On Others
  -Raw Logs Available Included All Plans
Database Server * Included In All Business Plans, See Note Below
  -Included Storage Beginning at 50mb
  -Web Based Management Included All Plans
FTP Web Access Included All Plans
Monthly Fee ++ Beginning at $19 per Month
Email Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam : Flat Fee Per Domain Available All Plans, Beginning at $4.50 per month
  -Unlimited Messages Included All Plans

* Some restrictions apply, contact support for details.
**** When added to a new hosting plan or upgrade in current plan.
++ Developers Program and Multi-site customers exempt from setup fees !!

Premium IP Based Managed Hosting:
Our Managed Hosting is 100% IP Based. Every site has a unique IP which allows for increased security, SSL on ALL sites, pre-production configuration and testing, and much more.    Make sure you get the same services and level of support ! Most times you won't. Compare feature for feature, we are truly World-Class !

Other Server Configurations:
We have several other configurations available, or we will create a custom server configuration to suit your needs.

Isolated Hosting Server Option [Managed, Dedicated Server Hosting]:
We will isolate your web site(s) to your own dedicated hosting server.  We still maintain and support as usual. Custom security changes, filters, and other add-ons can be loaded for your sites. We can build custom configurations such as clusters and dedicated Database servers as well. Contact Support for pricing and configuration details.    (new!!)  We will waive setup fees on Linux dedicated server plans!

ttl cost    Click the button to view a comparison of "In-House" vs. EAS* Managed Hosting costs.

ttl cost    Click the button to view a comparison of Co-location and Managed Hosting. What Co-location does NOT do for you and at a much higher cost!. Or, Understanding the limits of Co-location ...

We have special developer packages available :
These packages provide free websites and services as well as discounts, fee waivers, and rebates. Please see our latest announcements for all the latest details.
Contact Support for questions or comments.

Check out our referral plan :
We apply credit to your account when you refer new hosting business to us. The credit is based on the hosting plan of the new account. Contact Support for details.

Domain Registration:
We will register new domains via one of several registrars depending on your requirements. We provide this as a free service to our customers, domain registration fees are paid by us for the life of the web hosting account when using our primary registrar. Any of our existing customers can transfer their primary account domain to our service and receive the same offer. Some restrictions apply, managed hosting only, contact Support for details.

Server SSL Certificates:
We can acquire SSL certificates for our web hosting customers at a significant savings, or install customer provided certificates.   We are a RapidSSL, and GeoTrust Partner. Please contact Support for details.

Additional Data Transfer:
Data transfer in excess of plan threshold will be automatically billed at $0.05/MB/month.

Extra Web Storage Space:
Additional disk space can be purchased in 1MB blocks at $0.50/MB/month.  If you require more disk space than the listed maximum, please contact our customer care department.

Additional Email Addresses: 
Additional email addresses are $1 / month each in blocks of 10 or 25, Business Web and up.

Bulk Email Box Out-Sourcing / Hosting:
We can provide bulk email box hosting in multiples of 500 - 1,000 - 5,000 - or 50,000 boxes at VERY competitive prices. 100% web managed, includes the web based email client. Conventional POP3/SMTP service, virus scanning optional at very competitive pricing. This can be an ideal solution for the company that wants to outsource their email management and not have to worry about servers, software, licensing, and staff. Contact Support for details. We also have low volume email hosting plans in blocks of 10, or 25 email boxes at extremely competitive rates.

Email Virus Scanning Service:
We will scan 100% of ALL email into and out of your domain for virus' for a flat fee per month. Our state-of-the-art email servers are integrated with an Anti-virus scanning engine and the databases are updated in real time. The Anti-Virus Engine is one of the most advanced available. For domains that have additional email boxes, scanning is an additional $2.50/month per block of 10 boxes. Included in the Anti-Virus package is our dedicated anti-spam service. We will reduce the amount of spam you receive by 95% or more ! Our anti-spam system has a web based user interface that a domain admin and / or individual users can manage their own anti-spam settings as well as rescue false positives if any occur as well as setting personal or domain wide white and blacklists, spam threshold settings and more !

Domain Pointers:
You may have multiple domain names (domain pointers) point to your account for $10/mo. each with a one time setup fee of $25 [generally waived], if we host the web site then they are $2.50/mo. and no setup fee. InterNIC fees for domain registration are additional.

Machine Names (sub-domains):
Machine names ( can be directed to an account free up to 25 entries. 

Database Server Storage:
From 50MB to 150MB depending on the plan, of database storage space is included with any SQL supported hosting plan. Additional space is available in 10MB blocks @ $5/month/block. Small Business Webs are -fixed- at 50mb and can not grow.  

Web Log Reporting:
EAS Enterprises provides a fully interactive web log reporting package that allows the user to "data-mine" web usage log data through the use of a web based, interview style interface. The user can point and click their way to find virtually any statistic or fact regarding the visitors to their site, pages viewed, etc. This feature is included as standard in all hosting packages, "Business Plus Web" or "Advanced Web" level and up. This package is far superior to the the other big names in the industry ...  ; "Business Plus Web" or "Advanced Web" and up can request a report be automatically emailed to them daily, weekly or monthly. Raw logs are always available for download and analysis by the user. The previous 10 - 15 days minimum raw logs are available at all times and are stored in the users site. We store 30 - 36 days for Standard and Small Business Webs, 90 - 126 days minimum for all other plans in the reporting database, more by special arrangement.

List Servers:
List Servers are available beginning at : $35 / month for a maximum of 100,000 messages no larger than 40K, plus $1 / 1000 messages there after.    We have a comprehensive web based management feature for the lists. A $50 one time setup fee applies per list [developer deals and multiple sites hosted are exempt]. We can provide several custom advanced features like mail merge, message archiving, and mailing campaign management and reporting, as well as custom list types and services. Contact our support department for information and details.
listinfo button    Click the button to view a cost / feature matrix and requirements.

Internet Connections:
*ALL* of our internet connections are multi-homed. We monitor these continuously to insure adequate bandwidth and response. We do NOT over-sell our bandwidth, and there will never be additional latency or dropped packets do to over running our bandwidth, or internal proprietary routing schemes. We use Cisco Routers, and Foundry Networks Switches exclusively.

Billing Information:
We bill monthly for services, click HERE for details ... We will accept credit card payments via Visa / MasterCard . We will email, or snail mail paper invoices. See the information HERE ...

Maintenance Windows:
We will perform weekly automated maintenance between 04:00 and 04:30 ET every Sunday morning. This maintenance should have very limited effects on accessibility, outages if any, will be only 1 - 3 minutes.
We will perform major maintenance between 04:00 and 07:00 ET Saturday and or Sunday mornings, when required. Notice will be posted on the home page.

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